AKELA championed the development of multi-emitter high power laser diode modules back in 2003. By combining emission of multiple individual laser diodes in a common beam or optical fiber, we achieved performance superior to that of laser bars. Each laser diode in the module operates at it's maximum output power and is not affected by the thermal crosstalk from the neighboring emitters. AKELA's line of diode laser modules is the most comprehensive in the industry. We offer fiber-coupled and free-space laser diode modules with optical output power from 2W up to 1kW operating at wavelengths ranging from 375nm to 12 microns.

Laser diode modules

AKELA's single-wavelength laser diode modules combine up to 12 diode lasers into a high-power diode laser module with single or multiple outputs.

AKELA's unique multi-wavelength fiber-coupled diode laser modules deliver up to eight wavelengths from one fiber. They fit standard high-power thermoelectric coolers and have optional thermistor, power monitor, blast shield, fiber interlock, and a choice of red, green or blue aiming beam. 

These diode laser modules cover a variety of industrial, scientific, and medical applications.

If your application requires beam shaping optics, diode laser driver, and/or temperature controller, refer to our Laser Assemblies and Accessories sections.

Single Wavelength Diode Laser Modules

AKELA's multi-emitter laser diode modules are the most versatile and configurable diode laser modules on the market today.

Multi-Wavelength Diode Laser Modules

AKELA's multi-wavelength laser modules are the most versatile and configurable diode laser modules on the market today. With individually addressable high power diode lasers, these modules can emit up to eight wavelengths from one fiber, making it convenient for use in both the R&D and OEM markets. These modules can also serve as light engines for fluorescence microscopy, as well as RGB projectors for entertainment and advertising. The module footprint fits standard high-power thermoelectric coolers making system integration easy, and with the optional blast shield, fiber interlock, and the choice of red or green aiming beam, the module also meets stringent industrial or medical requirements.

Machine Vision Modules

AKELA's line of machine vision laser diode modules is designed to specifically address the needs of R&D and OEM markets. AKELA's laser diode modules boast the broadest selection of operating wavelengths, the highest output power and many high quality structured light patterns that meet the toughest challenges of machine vision applications.

Moreover, AKELA offers unlimited customization of the design to satisfy the particular requirements.