AKELA's multi-emitter laser diode modules are the most versatile and configurable diode laser modules on the market today. We offer high power diode laser modules with a broad range of wavelengths and power output levels in free space and fiber-coupled packages. Our standard products are listed in the table below. Please select the wavelength and the required power and click on the cell to see the specifications. If you do not see what you need, please contact AKELA directly to request a quote.

Wavelength Trio
High power laser diode module
Laser diode module
High power diode laser module
High power laser diode module
450 2.7W 5W, 8W, 10W 20W  
525    1.6W    
650 2.7W 4W 6W 10W
750 5W 10W    
793 10W 17W 25W  
808 15W, 25W 30W, 50W 50W 100W
885 13W      
915 17.5W, 30W 35W, 50W 70W 100W
940 20W, 30W 40W 70W 110W
980 20W, 30W 40W 65W 100W, 200W
1064 10W, 20W, 50W 35W 50W, 100W 100W
1210 7W, 10W, 25W 12W, 20W    
1250   30W 45W 90W
1290   25W 40W 75W
1320   25W    
1370 7W 14W 20W  
1470 4W, 8W 15W, 16W 25W  
1550 7W 14W 25W 40W
1680 2.7W4W 7W   14W
1720 3W 6W    
1907 2W 4W    
1940 0.5W 1W