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AKELA Laser Corporation is a leading high power diode laser manufacturer specializing in custom laser assemblies that offer a combination of any desired wavelengths ranging from 405nm to 2 microns and output power up to 1kW. 

Founded in 2003, AKELA provides custom fiber-coupled and free space diode laser modules and complete laser systems for medical, industrial and defense applications. In addition AKELA provides precision laser drivers, temperature controllers and laser beam delivery accessories.


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AKELA Releases Multi-Wavelength Laser Diode Modules
AKELA Releases Multi-Wavelength Laser Diode Modules

AKELA Laser Corporation is pleased to announce the release of its multi-wavelength laser diode modules in wavelengths from 650nm to 1950nm.

High Power Laser Diodes

High power single mode and multi-mode diode lasers in any configuration from 405nm to 2 microns

Multi-Wavelength Laser Modules

Multi-wavelength diode laser fiber-coupled modules with up to five wavelengths from one fiber. Fits standard high-power thermoelectric coolers and has optional blast shield, fiber interlock, and the choice of red or green aiming beam.

Quantum Cascade Lasers
Laser Assemblies

Customized combination of laser source, optics, cooling, & drive electronics designed to your spec for plug and play integration

Laser Systems

Custom laser systems designed to your specifications

Laser Drivers

Custom laser drivers and PID temperature controllers designed to meet your specific efficiency, rise time, and operating requirements



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