AKELA's line of high power laser diodes (also known as diode lasers) is the most complete in the industry. AKELA specializes in laser assemblies that offer the desired combination of laser with optics, thermal management, and drive electronics in packages that can be customized for the specific application or customer system. This ability allows us to design around specific requirements for your laser diode, whether it be performance, cost, or size.

We also offer a wide range of standard products that are detailed in the links below. The products range from 375nm to nearly 12 microns in both multi-mode and single-mode configurations. AKELA manufactures single emitter diode lasers, laser diode bars, laser diode arrays and multi-element laser diode modules that combine the output from individual emitters. Each type of device is offered in both free-space and fiber-coupled configurations.

Wavelength High power laser diode in TO-9 package
High power diode laser on C-mount

High power diode laser mHHL
High power diode laser HHL
375       60mW, 350mW 70mW, 400mW
390       100mW 110mW
405       300mW, 1W 300mW, 1.1W
415       130mW 150mW
450       1.3W, 4.5W 1.5W, 4.8W
488       200mW, 1.7W 200mW, 1.8W
520       80mW, 800mW 90mW, 900mW
630   400mW 400mW 350mW 380mW
635   400, 600, 1000mW 400, 600, 1000mW 550, 900mW 1W
638       1W 1.1W
650 900mW 1W 1W 900mW 1W
670 900mW 700, 1000, 1600mW 700, 1000, 1600mW 900, 1500mW 1, 1.5W
690 1W 750mW1.1W 750mW, 1.1W 1W 1W
730   3.5W   1.6W 3.5W
750   4.5W   2.5 4.5W
793   4W 4W 3.5W 4W
808   10W 10W 9W 9W
885   5W 5W 4.5W 4.5W
915 2W 12W,18W 12W, 18W 15W 15W
940       15W  
980   11W, 16W 11W, 16W 15W 15W
1064   20W 20W 18W 18W
1210   9W 9W 4W, 8W 8W
1320 1.5W 4.5W, 8W 4.5W, 8W 7W 7.5W
1375 1.5W 4.5W 4.5W 4W 4W
1470 1.5W 4.5W 6W 4W 4.5W
1550 1W 4.0W 4.0W 3.5W 3.5W
1680 700mW 2.25W 2.5W 2W 2W
1720 600mW 2.0W 2W 1.7W 1.8W
1850   2.5W 2.5W 2W 2.2W
1907 350mW 750mW 750mW 650mW 675mW
1940 300mW 300mW 300mW 240mW 250mW