Semiconductor diode lasers compact, inexpensive and offer incomparable level of customization of the output power, wavelength and beam delivery. All these properties made them very attractive for diverse applications in medicine and biology. AKELA offers a wide selection of highest quality diode laser products, including fiber-coupled laser diode modules, multi-wavelength diode laser modules and direct beam modules. All AKELA products can be configured with optional red or green pilot beam, fiber sensor, blast shield and power and temperature sensors. 

Procedure Wavelength, nm


Acne Treatment 450, 1470
Hair Removal 766, 808, 915, 1064
Skin Resurfacing 808, 915
Body Sculpting 1064
Lipolysis 1208, 1720
Pigmented Lesions 808, 940,980
Toe Fungus 1064


Varicose Vein Removal 940, 1470
Wound Healing 980, 1940
Microsurgery 980, 1064

Chiropractic / Sports Medicine

Pain Management 980


Macular Degeneration 689, 752

Photo-Dynamic Therapy (PDT)

Cancer Treatment 635, 652, 670


Dental surgery 980
Tooth Whitening 808, 980