AKELA's line of machine vision laser diode modules is designed to specifically address the needs of R&D and OEM markets. AKELA's laser diode modules boast the broadest selection of operating wavelengths, the highest output power, and many high quality structured light patterns that meet the toughest challenges of machine vision applications.

Moreover, AKELA offers unlimited customization of design to satisfy specific application requirements.

Laser diode module for machine vision

AKELA module features:

  • Built-in laser driver
  • Excellent intensity uniformity (non-gaussian) line generators
  • Sharp focusing
  • Large selection of diffraction pattern generators
  • Ultra-compact packages
  • Outstanding optical power stability
  • Analog modulation

These high quality lasers diode modules are an excellent choice for applications in 3D scanning & mapping, fluorescence, sorting, robotics, and many others.



Specifications are subject to change without notice. In addition, AKELA can customize the laser design to meet different operating parameters. Please contact us for more details.