AKELA is a rapidly growing high tech company that serves the fast growing photonics market. As a small business, AKELA is highly selective in its personnel practices. We welcome the resumes of skilled professionals and technicians who take pride in their work, thrive in environments where performance correlates with opportunity and reward, and want to be a part of a company that hires, retains, and develops only great employees. Experience in the semiconductor laser industry or related fields is desired, but not required for all positions.

Please email us a resume and cover letter to [email protected]. We will confirm receipt of your submission within 24 hours and will give you a status update on your application within one week.

Please note that AKELA hires directly. AKELA will not pay a fee to a third party recruiter or agency for any referrals.

Our current job openings are listed below:


Entry level temp-to -full-time micro-assembly position in a small, fast-growing, high technology company in the high power semiconductor laser industry.