Laser welding is a well-established process that is employed in many applications.  Welding joints are produced by laser equipment at a very high welding speed, and demonstrate exceptional stability, high degree of localization, and very low distortion. The aesthetic quality of weld seam surfaces is also superior to any other welding process. Welding of plastics is of particular importance as it allows for non-contact welding with low thermal and mechanical loads.  For example, plastic housings with built-in electronic components, which could be damaged in conventional processes, can be built. The diode laser can produce almost any wavelength that is strongly absorbed by plastics. In addition, the “flat top” beam profile without intensity peaks helps to eliminate local overheating that might damage the components. Furthermore, diode lasers do not require special absorption layers that may result in surface contamination. AKELA has developed several laser diode modules for welding applcations, including, but not limited to ALC-915-50000-FM200.22,  ALC-915-70000-FM400.22. Our unique two-wavelength diode laser module ALC-2WL-60000-FM200.22 is particularly useful for butt welding of dissimilar plastics without the use of carbon black or other absorption promoters.